Digital Advertising

We have embraced the best technology and strategy from the private sector and brought it to politics. We produce better results for less money. Here’s what makes us different


Voter and donor file targeting. Our team has access to the ad exchanges and tools to deliver voter- and donor-targeted advertising directly to any demographic or voting segment in the country.

Direct Ad Exchange buying. Indigo has direct access to advertising inventory. We cut out all of the middlemen and pass on the savings.

Innovative optimization. Research has shown that gut instinct is often wrong, you really don’t know what works until you test it. On every ad campaign we test dozens of combinations of different ad creative and messaging, thousands of different target points and demographics and thousands of different publishers.

Integration. Indigo makes sure that social media, online advertising are fully integrated with the strategies and tactics of the overall campaign, and that they amplify the effectiveness of television, mail, free media and other communications channels.

We build a cookie pool via very cheap and effective text ads on news sites contextually targeted to donor-matched lists. We have access to the most advanced tools in online advertising to optimize the campaign’s messaging and creative, to realize efficiencies that save the campaign money and to target only the donors and voters needed.